Our Story

In the beginning….
Lage Farms operated a typical commercial cow/calf operation for a long time. We kept our best Angus heifer calves to improve our herd.As pride in our closed herd increased we considered producing grass fed meat. Consumer were becoming aware of the many health benefits of grass fed meat and health problems caused by growth hormones and antibiotics.

Extensive research, led us to the ultimate solution: Wagyu Kobe beef. Kobe beef is well known for it’s superior, marbling, taste, and tenderness.  Kobe is not a breed of cattle, but rather Wagyu beef produced in the Kobe Prefecture in Japan. Kobe beef and Wagyu beef are often used interchangeably in the United States. Often Wagyu  beef is referred to as American Kobe beef.We implanted very expensive Full Blood Wagyu embryos from Registered Full Blood Wagyu cows and bulls.  It was a risky venture for us, that was, until we tasted the first grass fed meat, which was Wagyu beef.

The many health benefits of grass fed meat, such as Omega 3 and CLA are well known.  The health benefits of Wagyu beef , lower in saturated fat (the bad fat) and higher in unsaturated fat (the good fat), is less widely known.

Our Wagyu beef is raised and finished on free choice grass, legumes and other forages and ample fresh water.  We generally furnish them with superior quality stored forage, even while on grass.  It is a joy working with these docile, fine haired, Wagyu beef animals finished under those healthy conditions.
We were surprised when customers found the fresh frozen, dry aged beef to be tastier than corn fed beef from the store.  Many no longer buy any beef at the store.American Kobe beef or Wagyu beef is the highest quality beef available in the United States.  Wagyu beef is known world wide for marbling.  Marbling enhances the flavor, tendernes and juciness of the Wagyu beef.  Our Wagyu beef is dry aged beef, freshly frozen.  Our customers have found it  be very, very consistent, tasty and superb. Now, all our animals are Wagyu.