Purebred Cattle

The purebred Wagyu cattle we are offering for sale are progeny of the Wagyu bloodlines shown under the tab “Buy Cattle” and our former Angus herd.

Our Angus herd was developed over many years.  We started with mostly lowline type Angus cows, the kind that originally came from Scotland, and fared well on grass.  We selected our most attractive heifers to keep as breeding animals.

When we started finishing and retailing grassfed animals a number of years ago, we began further refining our herd, based upon attractiveness of the meat they produced.

The purebred cows and heifers we have for sale range from one/half Wagyu to three/fourths Wagyu.  Those that are bred were mated to fullblood registered Wagyu bulls and will produce calves that are at least three/fourths Wagyu.

Our experience has shown that the meat from a one/half Wagyu is very tender and tasty, marbling well on forage alone.  A higher percentage Wagyu animal will be even more flavorful.

If you want to produce your own delicious, tasty, healthy meat, one of these purebred Wagyu cows crossed with a bull of your choice, could be your means to produce a delicacy year after year.

If you have an interest, please email us at wl@lagefarms.com or call 573-690-6778.